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Financial Aid At NYU Leaves Students Often Needing More

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By Henry B. Chan

When Kira Antaya decided to come to New York University, she knew it would be difficult. She knew that the cost of attending the university would be high, but she chose to attend anyways, “even if it means that you’re gonna owe somebody money for the rest of our life,” she said. Now a senior, Antaya will graduate in May with about $150,000 of debt. “I’m looking at paying this off for the rest of my life.”

Antaya is one of many students at NYU who struggle to come up with the money to attend. Approximately 60 percent of undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need receive aid from the university, a percentage that many students feel should be improved upon. Ranked number one on the Princeton Review’s list of students dissatisfied with their school’s financial aid system, students at NYU say that the school fails to meet the demonstrated need of many students, as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). However, many students still choose to attend the university, despite dissatisfaction with financial aid.

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